Dental Crowns

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Our goal is to provide state of the art dentistry that is unnoticeable without immediate examination. To do so, we offer replacement for existing crowns and fillings with professionally designed restorations that appear and feel natural.

When a patient’s tooth is drastic and beyond reasonable repair, we offer porcelain and “pasted-on gold” porcelain crowns to restore a smile’s appearance to become radiant and new. This technique is reliable and has been employed a variety of times to repair grave dental problems. We have built a reputation through our high-quality work and the sensational changes we’ve accomplished with this procedure. These treatments are ideal for a long-term resolution to a patient’s dental issues and usually last for 20 to 30 years.

How Long is Treatment?

In order to properly fit a crown, a patient is required to make at least two office visits to ensure effective treatment. Within the first visit, we focus on removing any rot, mold the tooth and fit it with a temporary crown that can be constructed from either metal or plastic.

On a patient’s second visit, we disconnect the temporary crown and carefully fit and adjust the final crown. Once properly placed, we cement the crown into place and from there on your smile will be restored a to a beautiful and radiant state.

Major Benefits

  • Replace missing teeth and regain a once lost smile
  • Looks completely natural and will go unnoticed
  • Offers assistance to other misshapen or broken teeth
  • Fixes smiles and resolves practical chewing problems 

What Does a Crown Do?

Crown and bridgework is a very dependable solution for dental problems caused by diseases, accidents, or just basic wear and tear. A majority of the problems may be solved utilizing these techniques and offering a long-term solution. The materials employed in repairs are either porcelain or porcelain bonded to gold. Only the strongest gold and porcelain materials are recommended to treat most dental issues and ensure complete patient satisfaction. Teeth are always subject to have accidental damage that may cause you to lose a tooth, or have a piece chipped off through the constant wear and tear pressure, but crowns and/or bridges are great long-term solutions to those problems.

Some patients experience immense pain from the filled back teeth and are unable to determine a proper solution. This pain can be traced to hairline cracks in the chewing section of the tooth and may be solved by placing crowns. The crowns on these teeth can add support and relieve pain while allowing a full return to its dental function. The front teeth of patients can weaken the teeth and cause cosmetic issues due to chipping and staining because of old fillings. In cases like this, porcelain crowns and bridges would work best instead of porcelain veneers. Also, crowns may prevent future breakage for teeth with root canal fillings.



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